Why is Bulletproof Coffee So Great?

I’ve been drinking Bulletproof coffee for close to a year now. Instead of eating breakfast I drink my coffee instead. This allows me to intermittent fast for 16-18 hours and save $6 from my morning coffee run. There has been a ton of research that shows the benefits of intermittent fasting and giving your body a break from constantly digesting food but that is a whole post on its own!

Bulletproof coffee is made by using good clean coffee beans, Brain Octane, and grass-fed butter or ghee. This combination suppresses hunger, gives you energy, and provides mental clarity for hours.

Bulletproof coffee beans are processed to minimize mold and toxin contamination that can occur in other coffee beans. When I run out I will sometimes use Organic, single origin, fair trade certified, 100% arabica coffee (that is a mouth full, right?).

Brain Octane is a purified form of medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil that is made from 100% pure coconut oil. Brain Octane is converted to ketones that your brain can use for energy. It also helps balance your hunger hormones to help keep you full.

Grass-fed butter gives you essential fatty acids, butyrate, and short chain fatty acids. Butyrate is great to feed your gut bacteria. Butyrate also helps control the growth of the cells lining your gut. Butyrate has powerful anti-inflammatory effects. So, this combination can help decrease inflammation.

This coffee is smooth and delicious. It has become my favorite part of my morning routine. I modify my Bulletproof coffee sometimes and will add collagen. I love to sprinkle a little cinnamon on top for an added taste.

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