Should You Complete A Detox Program?

We are bombarded with toxins in our everyday life. In the US there are 80,000 chemicals that are registered for use. 800,000,000 pounds of herbicides are used per year. 167 industrial chemicals are found in adults with no employment related to exposure. Even our skin care regimen includes toxins. We can do our best to minimize our exposure by eating whole foods, organic foods, using organic skincare. However we are still exposed to toxins throughout our day. If we have an excess buildup of toxins it can inhibit our bodies natural ability to detoxify these toxins. So should you complete a detox program? The answer is probably yes!

A build up of toxins in your body can lead to symptoms of

  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Heartburn
  • Abdominal pain
  • Food cravings and weight gain
  • Brain fog
  • Skin issues
  • Joint discomfort

There are many different ways to detox. I will sometimes complete an extended water fast. One detox that I like to do one to two times a year is Standard Process Detox Balance Program. Their detox is a whole food-base nutrition that helps support toxin removal through a 28 day or 10 day detox.

It is a three phase process that unlocks fat soluble toxins and makes them water soluble so that it is easier for your body to remove. The shakes are made from whole food-based nutrition and supply your body with key nutrients and phytonutrients that support each phase of the detox

During phase 1 you will unlock the fat soluble toxins and transform them into a water-soluble form.

Phase 2 will be to neutralize the highly toxic substances that are produced during phase 1. They’ll be converted into non-toxic molecules and become even more water-soluble

Phase 3 will eliminate the water-soluble toxins out of the cells and the body will eliminate them.

With this program you will drink one, two or three Standard Process Detox Balance Shakes per day. You’ll get a list of meals with easy recipes and tips to follow throughout the program.

During the detox you’ll eat healthy vegetables, fruits, And lean meats in addition to your daily shakes. You will get a shopping list of approved vegetables, fruits, lean meats, and fats that you can use throughout the detox.

The best part is you’ll get to complete the detox with me! I’ll create a private Facebook group that everyone that is completing the detox will be a part of. You will get daily accountability, you can reach out with any questions during the detox phase, and we’ll go through recipes and different delicious easy meal options.

We will start in February so I’ll be ordering the kits at the end of the week. Reach out today to join in and order your kit! Getting healthy is better together!

How Much Should You Exercise?

So last week I asked how much you should workout per week. Now this is a wide topic and varies greatly. But what is the minimum amount of exercise per week needed to receive health benefits?

There is data that shows if you exceed 60 minutes of intense exercise a day you actually increase your risk of mortality. Strenuous exercise over a prolonged time can actually causes inflammation in the body. So what is the sweet spot? Where we can receive the benefits from exercise and movement but not crossover into too much exercise that may be damaging.

The recommendation for exercising has been 150 minutes per week or 75 minutes of very intense, rigorous exercise per week. To some this sounds great but to others it sounds like another stressors to try to find time to fit this into their busy schedule.

Do you have to actually set aside a time to exercise every day? Or is there certain movements we can do throughout the day that counts as exercise? We were not made to be sedentary which unfortunately is what a lot of jobs are now. Sitting can actually calls low back pain. So by sitting all day your glutes become inactivated. Your psoas muscle (hip flexors) become short and tight. This can pull on your low back and cause lower back pain.

For individuals who are not competitive athletes there is actually good news. Brief high intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions with some combined strength training spread throughout the day can actually give you major health benefits. Research shows that HIIT done for just four minutes a day can actually increase your mitochondrial cells. All you would have to do is 20 seconds full out, all you got, and 10 seconds off. You repeat this for four minutes. Of course you add a warm-up and a cool down so in total we’re talking less than 10 minutes.

So for those of you that don’t like the whole formal exercise thing this is a great option. Another great option would be get outside and play some kind of sport such as soccer, tennis, or ride your bike. Then just throw a couple weight training sessions into the mix a couple of times a week. Cross training your body is the best form of exercise. I know as a female you get hit with a lot of cardio which is great for your heart health but then you miss out on all the benefits of strength training your muscles. So add some variety into your workout.

The best option would be to work out throughout today. Get some weights or kettlebells at your job and every 30 minutes take a break and do a couple squats, kettlebell swings, climb the stairs, or go walk outside in the sunshine during your break. The point is to try to move throughout your day instead of just sitting. Then you don’t have to worry at the beginning or end of the day and stress yourself out about getting up earlier or staying up late to work out.

Happy Exercising!

Why Hydration Is Important

I’m sure some of my practice members think I’m obsessed with their hydration status but there is a reason why! About two-thirds of your body is water! According to the Journal of Biological Chemistry the brain and heart are composed of 73% water, lungs 83%, skin 64%, muscles and kidneys are 79%, and bones come in at 31% water! Think it’s important yet?

Here’s some essential functions of water in your body:

  • Water is the building material of your cells.
  • Regulates body temperature by sweating and respiration
  • Assists in elimination of toxins and waste products through urination and bowel movements
  • Acts as a shock absorber
  • Forms saliva and digestive enzymes
  • Helps muscles contract
  • Makes up part of our blood that carries oxygen throughout our body
  • Lubricates joints

One study conducted by Harvard found that more than half of American children are dehydrated. One quarter of children in the US do not drink water on a daily basis.

When you have lost between one to two percent of your total water content your body will signal and you will feel thirsty. By this time it is likely that you are already in the early stages of dehydration.

Common symptoms are dehydration include:

  • Headache
  • Foggy brain
  • Muscle cramps
  • Back and joint ache
  • Dry skin
  • Constipation
  • Sugar cravings

A good goal is to drink half your body weight in ounces per day. So if you weigh 150lbs you should aim to drink approximately 75oz of water. This will vary based on activity level, heat, perspiration. So drink up!

Essential Oils Of The Bible Class

Join us next Monday, January 28th at 6:30pm for Essential Oils Of The Bible class! We will cover different essential oils that were used in the Bible and how you can apply them to your life today!

One oil we will cover is Hyssop. Hyssop is mentioned in Psalms 51, “Thou shall purge me with Hyssop and I shall be clean.” Hyssop is known as the purifier and cleanser. The Romans believed it helped protect them again plagues.

Join us and learn how Hyssop can help you!

Monday, January 28th at 6:30pm
721 Long Point Rd, Ste 403
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464

Reaching For Your Goals!

The New Year tends to bring out the best hopes in us. Many of us make Resolutions to become healthy, exercise more, eat right, reduce sugar intake, quit smoking, meditate more, reduce stress, enjoy life more, etc! We start out strong but may fall off or fall short. Forbes published only 8% of individuals typically keep their New Year’s resolutions. Here are some tips to help you stick to those goals and have an AWESOME 2019!

Dream BIG! write down your goals and do not limit yourself! Do not feel overwhelmed by how big your goals are, just WRITE. Research shows if you tell someone your goals or write them down, you are more likely to achieve it. Find a friend who will be your accountability partner and help you stay on track to achieve your goals!

Even though your goals are MASSIVE just breath and remember you have to start somewhere. Imagine what your life will be like at the end of the year if you stick to these goals! Small steps lead to achieving those MASSIVE goals!

Use positive reinforcement. Love yourself and know that you are trying to do better for yourself. Let those self-sabotaging thoughts go! Replace them with positive, intentional reinforcing thoughts. You ARE good enough. You CAN do it! If those negative thoughts creep in, it is okay, just let them go and say a positive mantra instead.

Research shows we are less likely to stick to our goals when we are stressed or overwhelmed. There’s a great breathing exercise I’ll have to post about that calms the nervous system down, do some yoga, or go for a walk on the beach. I love John 14:27 “Peace is what I leave with you; it is my own peace that I give you. I do not give it as the world does. Do not be worried and upset; do not be afraid.” So give it to GOD and rest in his peace!

Whatever your New Year’s Resolution is just know you are already AMAZING. God made you after his own image, so you have to be amazing right?!?! If I can help in anyway with your health, wellness, and fitness goals this year please let me know!

Pecan Bars

You have to try these Pecan Bars this holiday season. It is easy and delicious! 

My friend, Dr. Shelby, was over this weekend and we were looking for a sugar free or naturally sweetened desert to make. We tried these bars and they are wonderful so I had to share. It was easy to make and they taste great warm and cold. Here’s what you’ll need:

1 1/4 cup almond flour
1/4 cup granular stevia or swerve
1/4 tsp sea salt 
1/4 cup butter (grass fed)

1/2 cup butter
2/3 cup powdered stevia/swerve
1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 cup can coconut milk
2 eggs
1/4 tsp sea salt
1 cup pecans
Half a bar (or the whole bar) of 80% (or higher) dark chocolate


  • Preheat the oven to 325F
  • Mix almond flour, sweetener, and salt until coarse crumbs.
  • Press into the bottom of a 9×9 inch pan and bake 12 minutes or until the edges are just turning golden.


  • In a medium saucepan over low heat, melt the butter. Stir in the powdered sweetener and mix until well combined. Remove from heat.
  • Add the vanilla extract and coconut milk mix well. Add the eggs and salt and mix until combined. 
  • Scatter the pecans and chopped chocolate over the crust and pour the filling overtop. Bake 20 to 25 minutes, until the filling is mostly set 
  • Remove and enjoy! (If you want pretty bars let cool at least 30 minutes before cutting into bars). 

Let me know if you try this recipe and how it turns out!

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a common cause of heel pain in many individuals. There is usually severe pain with the first few steps taken in the morning.  It can resolve on its own, however, the faster you start treatment the quicker it can resolve. Generally, it will resolve within six to eighteen months (1).  The good news is that 90% of individuals recover with non-surgical treatments. There are treatment options available to help heal faster!

Plantar fasciitis is a collagen degeneration of the plantar fascia. Repetitive microtears in the plantar fascia cause the degeneration. The plantar fascia runs along the bottom of your foot. This fascia provides support for the arch in your foot and shock absorption. Individuals with flat feet, fallen arches, and even high arches are at increased risk for developing plantar fasciitis. Since the feet are the base of the bodies support, plantar fasciitis can lead to an altered gait pattern and places the rest of the body in misalignment. This altered gait can affect the hips, pelvis, back, and neck. Other risk factors include tight/weak calf muscles, Achilles tendon, and intrinsic foot muscles.

In athletes, plantar fasciitis is generally caused by overuse. The constant, repetitive microtrauma exceeds the body’s ability to heal. It can also result in an increase in weight-bearing activities or structural insufficiencies as mentioned above.


There are treatment options available. Getting adjusted is very important. Chiropractors can evaluate your posture/gait and give corrective exercises to help rehab the weak areas. By getting adjustments you are correcting the biomechanical risk factors and decreasing the stress on the feet. Successful treatments must focus not only on pain relief, but must also address the underlying causes such as: muscular imbalances; biomechanical deficiencies; improper sporting techniques; and improper conditioning, to name a few.

Orthotics are also important. By supporting the arches in the foot orthotics will place the foot in an anatomically correct position, relaxing the stress on the plantar fascia and calf muscles. I personally wear and recommend Foot-levelers. This type of orthotic uses a 3D scanner and makes a custom orthotic based on your scan. They make a moveable orthotic that builds up the arch support where you need it. I wear mine every day and they are life changing!

K-laser therapy is a non-drug, non-invasive option for healing. A study in the Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery demonstrated promising results using laser therapy. Patients with chronic plantar fasciitis were split into two groups. One group was treated with low-level 635 nm lasers and the other patients received placebo treatments. Patients received treatments twice a week over a three-week period. At the final follow-up visit, the laser patients demonstrated a mean improvement in heel pain with a Visual Analog Scale score of 29.6 in comparison with a mean improvement of 5.4 in the placebo patients (2). In addition to being non-invasive, low-level laser therapy is a form of regenerative medicine as the modality’s mitochondrial stimulation initiates a low-grade inflammatory cascade of events that can stimulate revascularization of the thickened fascial tissue, according to study co-author Kerry Zang, DPM, FACFAS.


Supplements can also be added to help facilitate healing. Magnesium has a lot of beneficial use in the body including: the production of glutathione (an antioxidant); improving nerve function; relaxing tight muscles; and decreasing anxiety. Soaking in a warm Epsom salt bath is a great way to get magnesium to relieve pain and inflammation.

Proteolytic enzymes help decrease inflammation and swelling. Proteolytic enzymes actually reduce healing times by blocking metabolites that cause swelling. For many individuals reducing inflammation helps reduce the pain they feel from plantar fasciitis.

Colostrum comes from the breast of humans and other mammals after giving birth, before true milk appears. Colostrum contains proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, growth hormone, and specific proteins that can fight diseases such as bacteria and viruses. Athletes use bovine colostrum to improve athletic performance. Medically it is used to boost the immune system, heal injuries, repair nervous system damage, improve mood, slowing/reversing aging, kill bacteria, and fungus. The source of colostrum is important! The colostrum needs to come from organic cows on organic farms, eat natural grass, and never receive any antibiotics.


Stretching/Strengthening the muscles in your legs (calf and Achilles tendon) and intrinsic foot muscles are very important! Even with treatment, you can perform stretching/strengthening exercises at home to help with healing. After stretching, one thing I like to do is massage the plantar fascia with essential oils such as lavender or peppermint.