Graduate School

It’s been a while since I’ve posted… A long while… I’ve just completed my first year of chiropractic school! I’m in Port Orange, Florida and I love it.


I’m so excited for the future and to know I’ll be helping people daily. Here’s a link to an awesome video showing how chiropractic helps people.

I miss taking pictures! I took some of the lighthouse we have here a while back. My camera has been calling me so we’ll see what the future holds 😉


I’m an official graduate of UNCP :)


I graduated on May 5th 🙂  It was an awesome day!  God has been so wonderful to my family.  He has sent so many blessings, and guided us each step of the way.  I now have my BS in Chemistry and I graduated with honors.  I’m half way to my goal now.  Now I just have medical school left 😉

My family has been a wonderful support system, and so supportive of everything i’ve done.  I’m so grateful for them.

I’ve made some wonderful lasting friendships during college and will definitely miss seeing everyone everyday.  I wish all my classmates the best of luck!Image